Why SBC Is A Better Option Than VPN

Why SBC Is A Better Option Than VPN?

Businesses are getting dynamic. In a past decade, the businesses have changed the way of working. Now, entrepreneurs have started hiring a remote developer; outsourcing their projects to the company located far away from their own country; and allow their developers to work remotely. This has created a scenario where companies have to give access to their network to the remote developer or team of developers. This is the most generic scenario for VoIP business services provider. In the traditional way, companies used to share their VPN details with the remote developers so they can access the networks. However, VPN makes the network vulnerable for possible attacks and threats. Even firewall cannot be helpful here. The best solution to secure the network from any attack is using Session Border Controllers. In this type of setup, you allow your developers to access the network using an SBC setup instead of VPN which ensure the required security.


Are you wondering, How Session Border Controllers Is More Secure Than VPN Access? Let’s dive into the deep:


Before we go into details, let’s first understand VPN and its functionality. The VPN connects two remote devices which allow them to exchange data, signals and media. It is a software which creates an access tunnel through the web so the connected devices, let’s say A and B, can get connected with each other to access and exchange data. The VPN provides a secure access from other devices. However, there is no mechanism to restrict access from other applications on the connected devices and Microsoft applications. This makes the network vulnerable as it opens holes for malicious apps and malware to creep in, which might be sitting in the connected devices.


On the other hand, Session Border Controllers work on the sessions and are more conscious about the applications accessing the network. The SBC makes sure that only legitimate SIP based data traverse through the network. To maintain IP connections across all gateways and make access of network more secure, the Session Border Controllers offer NAT tunneling aka Network Address Translation tunneling. This method allows enterprise networks to extend the reach of IP addresses providing a way for the user to get to the end point on the other side of the NAT device. Moreover, SBC provides application encryption for consolidated security of the network. The Session Border Controllers will check each packet on the session level and discard each unauthorized packet. This way, Session Border Controllers eliminate the need for a VPN connection for accessing the network and make it vulnerable to possible attacks. The only one scenario you need to keep in mind is that Session Border Controllers will not be able to secure the pure data applications, for an instance, email. However, this type of data can get secured with the HTTPS.


These are a few facts related to VPN and SBC. The Session Border Controllers characteristics are many which make them the perfect choice for any network. We are in this VoIP industry for many years and we have helped many VoIP business services provider and other businesses to make their network secure with the SBC. To know more about our offered SBC solution, Contact us.

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