Asterisk Session Border Controller: Simplify And Secure Communication Solution

Session Border Controller

A Session Border Controller or SBC is special-purpose equipment that protects and manages IP communications streams. As the name suggests, session border controllers are extended at network borders to control IP communications sessions. Originally considered to protect and control VoIP networks, SBCs are now used to manage and monitor all sorts of real-time communications such […]

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Custom Asterisk Development for VoIP Service Providers

Asterisk Development

VoIP based services are on the rise. For VoIP service providers this is the right time to implement solutions that will generate revenue streams and earn an increasing base of loyal customers. The platform they choose can be a decider for success.   Proprietary platforms are not only expensive by way of upfront capital costs […]

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Asterisk IVR solution development for businesses

IVR Payments and Why You Should Have Asterisk Payment IVR Solution

Businesses across the globe are always in search of solutions and tools that can assist them in optimizing the business’s money and employee’s time. IVR solution is one of the most innovative and affordable ways to handle the call process for employees and customers. In this article, you will walk through IVR solutions, factors to […]

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