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CosmoPVS is a phone verification system based on Asterisk. There’s always a need to verify a user when he/she registers on a website. There is a possibility that some hacker creates a script or program which does automated registrations and floods the website database with junk registrations. Many websites have introduced various techniques to prevent automated registrations. These days most of the websites use image verification code, in which users see some verification code on the registration form which they have to enter in the text box and the web page only allows submission if the verification code entered by user matches the verification code shown in the image. This method works fine in most cases. But still there’s no way to track if sensitive data such as phone number, address, etc. entered by user is valid or not.

CosmoPVS is specially designed to verify user by doing verification on phone instead of website. This way automated submissions are prevented as well as user’s phone number is verified. So this system gives double protection against fake registrations. CosmoPVS offers two verification methods as explained below:

Method 1

In this method, user receives a phone call from Asterisk system on submission of the form. On pickup, user hears the random verification code generated by website. User has to enter the verification code in the text box in the web page. User gets an option to listen to verification code again.

Method 2

In this method, user can see the verification code on the web page. On submission of the form, user receives a phone call from Asterisk system and is presented with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) asking the user to enter the verification code on phone. User can send the verification code by DTMF.

We are going to launch stand alone and hosted versions of this product. We will also add more verification methods in future versions. This product will be available on the website soon. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us to discuss further.


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