A Guide to Asterisk Voice Broadcasting Solution for Businesses

Voice Broadcasting Solution

Nowadays, businesses work with an aim to drive marketing to greater heights while reducing costs. Asterisk voice broadcasting solution is a smart and innovative way to reach out to potential targets across diverse geographic locations. Businesses can easily integrate the software with their CRM, and the broadcast software will choose lists according to pre-determined parameters. […]

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Why Choose Asterisk IVR Solution for Call Centers?

IVR Payments and Why You Should Have Asterisk Payment IVR Solution

IVR- Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system that processes voice waves or touch tones during a telephone call. IVR is responsible for the menus people listen to and respond to when they call up a company and hear the words like “press 1 for sales, press 2 for operations, press 0 to speak […]

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Custom WebRTC Client Solution Development Is What You Need for Business

Asterisk WebRTC

In these days of WhatsApp and Facebook where one can easily make audio and video calls and carry on a conversation why should one go in for a custom WebRTC client is a question that businesses might well ask. WebRTC purportedly makes it easy to carry on audio or video conferencing through a browser interface […]

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