Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) Scripting Service

One of the cool features of Asterisk is AGI scripting. AGI is the Asterisk Gateway Interface, an interface for adding various functionality to Asterisk with many different programming languages such as Perl, PHP, C, Pascal, Bourne Shell, etc.


Using AGI, you can control dialplan and do various operations with database, system, manager api and almost everything.


EAGI gives the application the possibility to access and control the sound channel in addition to interaction with the dial. EAGI can be used to plan. EAGI can be used to handle voice stream for recording voice or doing speech to text.


DEADAGI gives access to a dead channel, after hangup. DEADAGI is generally used to do cleanup operations when call is hang up.

We have expertise in programming AGI scripts. We generally use Perl as a programming language for AGI scripting. We have created many AGI scripts for various applications such as billing solutions, IVR systems, conferencing system, click to call, etc.


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