Asterisk Solutions is a highly resourceful, result oriented Asterisk VoIP Solutions Provider which consists of a core team of dedicated engineers to deliver optimum results. We have several national and international clients who are hugely satisfied with our services. We are offering Asterisk Solutions, an open source softswitch solution which can refurbish and also integrate the existing communication channels at your enterprise. Our solutions are:

Multi-tenant Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution
Conferencing Solution

Conferencing Solution

Asterisk voice and conferencing solutions provides your business a mechanism through which conference calls can be placed both inside and outside the enterprise.

WebRTC Client Solution

WebRTC Client Solution

WebRTC client helps access the WebRTC API inbuilt in browsers. Key features of WebRTC client are video and audio calling, data and screen sharing and chatting. WebRTC client is a primary solution for enabling video communications on a client platform.

Phone Verification System

Call Center Solution

The web based software has been developed for inbound, outbound and blended contact centers, customer care centers, call centers, etc.

Automated ticketing system IVR Asterisk

Appointment Reminder System

The Automated Reminder System will provide an advanced platform to you and your staff, to send the reminders to your customers and vendors about the set appointments.

Hotel IVR Solution

Hotel IVR System

Hospitality industry needs to interact with their clients on a regular basis. The IVR solution for the Hospitality industry will ensure that the clients get to attended instantly.

Automated ticketing system IVR Solution

Ticket Booking IVR Solution

Ticket booking Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is a cost-effective solution to book the tickets by interacting with the IVR system. Allow your customers to book tickets anytime from anywhere

Quiz IVR

Quiz IVR Solution

The Quiz and Competition Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution can be used to ask a series of questions to the caller for different purposes. This can be the MCQs or objective questions and based on the answers several actions can be taken.

CRM Integration IVR Solution

CRM Integrated IVR Solution

The IVR solution integrated with the CRM is a Fully Engaged IVR CRM Solution, which can be used to provide the more engaging services to the clients. The IVR solution will use the already available user data, which is collected and stored in the CRM.

informative IVR asterisk

Information Provider IVR Solution

Information Provider IVR solution can benefit the different profit and nonprofit organizations. It is also known as Informative IVRS or Wiki-IVR Solution. It offers an automated way to get any information on the go!

Payment Processing IVR Asterisk solution

IVR Payment Processing System

We develop custom IVR Payment Processing solution. It can be integrated with any new or existing system. As this is an Interactive Voice Response Solution, it can be used from any phone, mobile or landline. It doesn’t require internet connection for payment processing.

currency IVR

Currency Converter IVR

We offer custom currency converter software solution development services. This system can be used for easy transactions by offering handy currency conversion for international business.

SBC Development

SBC Development

A Session Border Controller(SBC) is used to control signaling and media streams. SBC is responsible for setting up, conducting, and tearing down calls.

Dynamic IVR Builder Solution

Dynamic IVR Builder Solution

Dynamic Interactive Voice Response solution is one of the revolutions in the realm of VoIP. The solution helps many enterprises gain competitive edge and increase brand loyalty.

DID Router Solution

DID Router Solution

Direct Inward Dialing router solution helps users to get connected across the globe on the VoIP and PSTN network. Configuring and provisioning of DID router is easy.

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