Feature-Rich Asterisk Contact Center Solution Intensifies Calling Experience and Eases Workloads

Contact Center Solution

Advances in open sources drive software development that, in turn, drives user expectations to higher levels. It is no different in call centers. Competition is driving call centers to adopt better technologies and trends are clear pointers to developers to come up with suitable solutions. For instance, digital transformation and analytics will gain in importance […]

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How WebRTC Helps to Grow Your Business Sales in Competitive Markets

Asterisk WebRTC

WebRTC is amazing. What it does, in essence, is that it permits the use of the browser as the single point communication tool via a common set of protocols. It allows video and audio calls from the web and a website owner can add WebRTC to his website. Customers can interact with agents. It does […]

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Hotel IVR Solution That Meets Needs of Hospitality Industry in Current Scenarios

Hotel IVR Solution

The internet has certainly changed the way people travel. VoIP communications have further impacted the hospitality industry and facilitated customers looking for tickets or hotel bookings. There is no lack of choices. Hospitality industry is competitive in the extreme. Hotels implementing Hotel IVRs need to look at a system that is comprehensive and takes care […]

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