The Way Video Conferencing is Headed in 2019 – Trends to Watch

Conferencing is the in thing in communication and video rules the roosts. It is likely to overtake or match audio as the medium of communication in conferencing for 2019 and beyond. 5G is almost upon us and technologies have evolved for video conferencing to become a fluid experience. More use of video conferencing in call […]

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2019 Top Trends in Call Center Operations and Call Center Solutions

Contact Center Solution

Winds of change are blowing across call center operations landscape. Several trends shaping up on the horizon today indicate that these could well become a standard part of contact center activities in the year and the next. Call center solutions to emphasize analytics and adaptive management As customer satisfaction gains even more importance, contact centers […]

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VoIP IVR Trends To Watch Out In 2019

Technology evolution has always benefited the end user as can be seen in smartphones and business communications. Communications is switching over to VoIP and self service with PSTN well on its way out much like the CRT monitor, magnetic tape and mechanical cameras. If it benefits end users, evolution also keeps developers busy but that […]

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