Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menu Builder

Dynamic Interactive Voice Response solution is one of the revolutions in the realm of VoIP. The solution helps many enterprises gain competitive edge and increase brand loyalty. An IVR builder has been developed to create multiple IVR menus and intensify caller experience. By availing this solution, users get enhanced customer support with robust security. Administration and implementation of dynamic IVR is made easy with the help of GUI based designer tool and prompt management. This solution is also for the service providers to offer services to tenants to build various IVR menus.

How The Dynamic IVR Software Works?

Just like any other IVR solution the Dynamic IVR builder speaks to the callers and helps them in reaching the right resource or department for their specific queries. But how does the process of dynamic IVR stand out from other IVR solution?

“Unique Business –> Unique Requirements –> Unique Methods To Manage Customer Relationships”

Dynamic IVR, the custom IVR builder comprehends your UNIQUE business requirements. We mean our unprecedented application helps you to serve legendary customer experience with custom IVR solution as your business demands.

There are times when you and your team felt constrained about having just one IVR level with multiple IVR prompts, right? But is it just you and your team? No! The customers even fall in the loop of frustrations while waiting through a series of questions until they reach the right person. Time to end those aggravations.

The dynamic IVR or voice menus generated will enable the customers to respond with a phone keypad. In brief, when the caller decides an option from the variety of the voice menu prompts, the system will narrow down which department or service is best for caller through skill-based routing. The process remains basic for all IVR systems, though with dynamic IVR Builder the cherry added on the cake is now you can create multi-level IVR. The callers are given an option to select from series of audio prompts and then they are redirected to another series of audio prompts based on their selection. The Dynamic IVR is not limited to any certain number for creating IVR menus, with this solution you can create multiple menus and custom audio prompts.

To be precise the system works as –

  • A caller gets in touch with your company
  • Listens to the welcome audio
  • The individual is asked to select from series of prompts
  • Selects the desired option
  • The caller is then directed to another series of prompts
  • Based on the selection the caller is then directed to correct department

“The Need Of A Receptionist Is Near To An End With Dynamic IVR Solutions”

On the whole the IVR menu builder software specifically a custom IVR solution creates nested IVR with simple clicks. Our IVR solutions are customizable, i.e. now you decide the number of prompts, menus and levels you want to create for the ease of your customer.

The auto attendant phone software routes the incoming calls to right line and help an enterprise to save time and money. So entrepreneurs are you ready to boost up the efficiency and achieve customer service goals?

Dynamic IVR Builder Key Features

  • Builds multi level IVR
  • Connectivity to multiple servers
  • DID numbers support
  • Recording and scheduling
  • Recorded scripts or messages

Dynamic IVR Builder Key Advantages

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces cost of support
  • Boosts IVR usability
  • Helps more efficient use of Telecom resources
  • Eliminates waiting time

Why AsteriskService.com?

We the leading IVR solution provider, understand the importance of customer service and the impact of cost efficiency in the company. Our dynamic custom IVR builder takes the customer service to the next level. We know directing the caller to the appropriate department is a high priority.

Some of the key reasons to choose us as your partner for IVR solutions include supreme support for implementation, guaranteed and robust performance, legacy of delivering outstanding solutions to leaders. We are experts in –

  • Delivering stupendous art for customer service automation
  • Best Custom IVR software as per your need
  • Delivering solutions that guarantee high ROI & minimum cost
  • Deliver solution that gives you multiple routing options (so it is up to you to decide which fits best to your unique business needs)
  • Equipped to integrate with all kinds of databases to ensure advanced functionality


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