Evolutions in Session Border Controller Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Asterisk SBC Development

The SBC or session border controller is an indispensable part of SIP trunking to protect IP PBX networks. It is just as indispensable where class 4 and class 5 softswitches are involved in VoIP networks where its transcoding and security promote smoother operations. SBCs continue to evolve with focus shifting towards security and better media […]

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Why do you need Session Border Controller for you VoIP Network :

Session Border Controller

What does it do for You? “Better Safe Than Sorry” Would you like to know how SBC enhances efficiency and security? Session Border Controllers have become a vital part of VoIP solutions. Enterprises deploy SBC’s to ensure the security of their infrastructure and have complete control over access to their VoIP services. Did you know […]

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All You need to know about SBC Solutions

Asterisk SBC Solution

Today, as the revolutionary VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology gains ground among the corporate sector, more and more companies choose an online route for establishing uninterrupted and cost-efficient business communication system. But then, it is difficult to deal with the issues related to the management of VoIP and media traffic over both local and […]

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Why SBC Is A Better Option Than VPN?

Businesses are getting dynamic. In a past decade, the businesses have changed the way of working. Now, entrepreneurs have started hiring a remote developer; outsourcing their projects to the company located far away from their own country; and allow their developers to work remotely. This has created a scenario where companies have to give access […]

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