Why Service providers need Session Border Controller solution

Session Border Controller Solution

Do you go out for your job daily and think about how to make it more complicated? Of course not! The same sentiment is true across the enterprising implementing UC, i.e., unified communications, around the globe.


There is a lot of talk about UC plans in industries like finance, education, retail, etc. The common thing between each one of them is that they seek the same when implementing unified communications. They need secure, smart, and simple solutions.


Session border controllers, SBCs are designed to help the enterprises deploy UC more easily, smartly, and quickly.


What is a session Board Controller?

Session border controllers are the devices that are deployed in the VoIP network to provide the companies with greater control. It assists to get control over their media streams.
The session term refers to the conversation between the two parties. Sessions may include multiple media streams like voice, data, and videos.

The term border highlights the point of demarcation between different points in a network. The role of the session border is to help in the administrations. They keep the data safe and help insecure flow of information across borders.


The controller part refers to the influence these technologies have on the streams of data in each network.


Statistics of session board controller

Nowadays, the VoIP communication has become more popular than it was ever before. The companies of all shapes and sizes need a complete solution to manage the quality and security of networks. The demand for SBCs has grown significantly.


It is not even a wonder to imagine the worth expected growth of $528.4 million by the end of 2022.
According to the Holmes Report, the poor communication business cost about $37 billion.
Communication barriers in the UK and the US cost the average business lost productivity of up to $62.4 million.


The VoIP market will reach a valuation of about $204.8 billion by the end of 2022.


Benefits of Session Board Controller

There are several benefits of using Session border controllers in unified communications: –


Intelligent Session Control

SBCs are not just responsible for the termination of SIP sessions at the network borders. They are also liable for selecting the optimal route to make calls reach the appropriate destination. The selection process known as call routing is one of the intelligent session control policies that the SBC enforces. It helps to enhance traffic at your enterprise network.



Session Initiation Protocol attacks can occur for a large variety of reasons. They may even occur from a variety of sources. This has an ultimate impact on the enterprise’s revenue and productivity. For saving a UC network from SIP-based attacks you should have SBCs to maintain the security.


Media Services

There are many networks, and different kinds of networks use different codecs. This helps to convert the voice signals to digital transmission. Several codecs may consume a lot of bandwidth to process a better sound quality. SBCs translate between these codecs and assist in offering better media services.



SBCs are designed to help enterprises. They help to deploy UC more securely, quickly, and easily. If you are also searching for an SBC solution for your VoIP network then feel free to contact us at Ecosmob Technologies private limited. We provide an optimised SBC solution as per the needs of your business.


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