Asterisk SBC Solution For Existing Third Party SBC Problems, Configurations and Installation

Asterisk Session Border Controller

VoIP plays a crucial role in enterprise communication and keeping the network is of utmost priority. Session border controllers play a vital role in assuring security as well as facilitating the transcoding of media streams. Businesses today realize the importance of SBCs and usually go for software-based SBC solutions usually open-source like Freeswitch, SER, Asterisk, OpenSER, Yate, and OpenPBX. Each one has its plus points and there can also be issues with configuration, interfacing, and installation. Asterisk Service offers services to integrate third-party SBCs into existing networks as also configuration and troubleshooting.

Known SBC issues

You may buy and the vendor may set up the session border controller. You think you have peace of mind from performance and security perspectives but then SBCs are complex and there inevitably will be issues.

  • For instance, your engineers may change settings of voice services in which case the SBC requires reconfiguration.

  • The session border controller tackles the task of managing and routing voice packets. This can happen quite a few times during a call and the path becomes extended for the voice packets, which introduces latency. How to tackle this issue? Asterisk Service, with its known expertise in SBC design and development as also installation and configuration, easy to resolve the network path and consequent latency issues. Instead of thinking of replacing your open source SBC, call in Asterisk Service to fine-tune it.

  • You assume that since the carrier has an SBC in place you do not have to install one but that is not so. Their SBC controls traffic, packets, and network whereas yours remain open and vulnerable. You do not want your network to be at the mercy of their SBC or be vulnerable to third party attacks. Get your own asterisk SBC solution and have it configured to let you remain in full control.

  • Hosted services are fast becoming the norm and cloud telephony brings unique issues in its wake. This creates latency in voice traffic and drops in call quality can have a discernible influence on your business communications. Get Asterisk Service to tweak your existing SBC and offer plugins or APIs that can take care of latency even though you opt for hosted VoIP services.

Asterisk Service to ensure the health of SBC

Asterisk Service offers its own session border controller and provides full services after sales but, at the same time, it also offers assistance to users of SBCs from other sources. Do you really need such support? Is not the SBC a fit and forget thing? The answer to the first is Yes and the second question is No, not if you want your SBC to be in top working condition. What you get when you retain Asterisk for SBC services:

  • Tracking, analysis, and monitoring of voice quality across all network layers, technologies, applications, and devices plus fine-tuning and matching

  • Configuration of SBC to manage voice traffic and queues as well as other performance parameters

  • Analysis of performance and features with pinpointing of lacks and performance issues with recommendations on overcoming the situation.

Involve Asterisk Service either for procurement of session border controller solution or for services on maintenance, upgrades, configuration, and troubleshooting. Your SBC will fire on all four cylinders.


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