How Asterisk Development plays Critical Role in Business Processes

Asterisk Development

Most of the business relies on the interoperability among different sectors in the current age of globalisation. Without a well- established communication services, it is not possible to streamline your functions together. Once you fix your investments, it’s important to look for systems that let you integrate the legacy systems and multiple platforms.   Asterisk […]

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How Hospitality Sector can Leverage Hotel IVR Solution

Hotel IVR Solution

Budget hotels and inns strive hard to cope with the services offered by their more luxurious and costlier counterparts. On the other hand, lavish hotels want to enhance their customer-friendly services to set new milestones. Summing up, the entire hospitality sector is teeming with activities related to customer services, and flourishing as more and more […]

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All You need to know about SBC Solutions

Asterisk SBC Solution

Today, as the revolutionary VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology gains ground among the corporate sector, more and more companies choose an online route for establishing uninterrupted and cost-efficient business communication system. But then, it is difficult to deal with the issues related to the management of VoIP and media traffic over both local and […]

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How Travel Industry can gain from Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution

Travel and hospitality industry is thriving as people take an excursion route to get rid of the stress. The travel companies continuously strive to offer a great customer experience to unleash the potential of both domestic and international markets amid growing competition in the multichannel environment. When it comes to improving customer engagement through personalized […]

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How Quiz IVR Solution facilitates Recruitment Process in Companies

Quiz IVR Solution

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technique has revolutionized the way of connecting with customers and stakeholders of the company. Customized IVR software can address unified communication requirements efficiently, and serve various communication-related purposes. Different organizations can leverage the benefits of IVR solutions depending on their needs. Quiz IVR solution is one such example that enables […]

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Make Your Business Customer-centric with CRM integrated IVR Solution

CRM Integrated IVR Solution

No business can grow without putting their customers in the center in today’s challenging scenario. In today’s technology-driven time, companies look at the customized IVR solution to offer a call containment to their customers, but then, it may backfire with a boring and monotonous experience as the time advances. Here CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software […]

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How Automated Ticket Booking IVR System empowers Your Business

Ticket booking IVR Software Solution

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cost-effective and secure way for the transaction in today’s technology-driven age. Businesses like cinema halls, event management, support center, cab and bus services, and the like, which require a booking management system can get the most from an automated IVR ticket booking system. How ticket booking IVR is better […]

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Voice Broadcasting Solution for Schools

Voice Broadcasting Solution

Today, voice broadcasting solutions come with advanced features and touch our lives through facilitating communication even with the remote audience. The customized voice broadcasting software is suitable for all types of business across various industry verticals and education sector is no exception. These days, as automation and connectivity have started playing a vital role in […]

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Five Major Business Benefits of Web Conferencing Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Web Conferencing Solution

From promoting products or services to closing the deal, salespersons remain engaged in a plethora of activities for boosting the sales figures. One of their major objectives is to establish and maintain business relationships with the existing and prospective clients. There, business communication comes into play. Now, traditionally, salespeople were used to traveling from one […]

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Asterisk IVR Payment- Offer Your Customers a Secure and Interactive Payment Gateway

IVR Payment Processing

Cyber attacks and security breaches have become new norms in a technology-driven world. Hackers tend to use the Internet for stealing valuable data of vulnerable people, and many companies have faced the sting of data theft globally. Thanks to communication technology advancements, you can use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) payment solution as a safer option […]

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