How Quiz IVR Solution facilitates Recruitment Process in Companies

How Quiz IVR Solution facilitates Recruitment Process in Companies

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technique has revolutionized the way of connecting with customers and stakeholders of the company. Customized IVR software can address unified communication requirements efficiently, and serve various communication-related purposes. Different organizations can leverage the benefits of IVR solutions depending on their needs.

Quiz IVR solution is one such example that enables companies to conduct the interview. The solution can take the initial test of the job aspirants and give the final result of the screening process. In a way, the quiz IVR solution can save a valuable time and efforts.

How quiz IVR system works

One of the biggest benefits of tailored quiz IVR software is- the company can conduct the first round of interview as per the candidate’s convenience. The job seekers can call on a predefined number or the company can make a call to the interested candidate. The quiz IVR solution, designed to meet interview requirements, guides the candidate through different voice response menus for a specific job category. Then depending on the selected category, the quiz IVR system will start asking the series of relevant questions to the candidate.


After completion of the quiz, the software can either give score directly to the candidate or transfer the call to a recruitment executive for scheduling the next round of interview.

How quiz IVR software benefits companies

Bespoke quiz IVR software can save valuable time and resources of the company. There is no need to hire dedicated staff for conducting an interview. The automated system can filter the deserving candidate and the company can get the right employee. What’s more, companies can eliminate the requirement of spending money on catering the interviewee. The quiz IVR solution also helps companies to improve their RoI through maximizing resource utilization and enhancing productivity.


Asterisk-based quiz IVR software can readily handle multiple concurrent job aspirants using an interactive voice response menu and companies can get the cost-effective solution.


Apart from job screening, the tailored quiz IVR solution has another benefit. Entrepreneurs can get a valuable customer feedback using such a solution. The customer feedback can assist them to improve their services and gain a loyal customer base. The customers can give feedback as per their convenience because IVR is available for a 24/7 basis.


We can mention other use cases and utilities for a quiz and competition IVR solution as well. Enterprises can gather useful data with the help of a quiz IVR solution through either MCQs or objective questions. On the basis of this information, companies can take crucial decisions.

AsteriskService offers customized quiz and competition IVR solution at competitive rates to address your recruitment-related requirements and other business communication needs. We also offer premium quality broadcasting, conferencing, and SBC (Session Border Controller) solutions to our global clientele.

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