Why Choose Asterisk IVR Solution for Call Centers?

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IVR- Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system that processes voice waves or touch tones during a telephone call. IVR is responsible for the menus people listen to and respond to when they call up a company and hear the words like “press 1 for sales, press 2 for operations, press 0 to speak to the operator”, etc.

IVR systems can be fully customized according to business requirements and adjust to playback audio or pre-recorded menu options.

The principal benefit of IVR is to reduce the hiring of staff to handle tedious and repetitive tasks. Automating the basic customer service functions will be helpful where the job is relatively easy, and the information and response values can be conveyed by phone.

Another essential advantage of IVR is that the system can work 24/7/365. It means that the customers can get an answer rather than a ringing or disconnected call.  With an accurately configured IVR system, your company can provide top-notch customer service.

Why Asterisk As An IVR?

Asterisk supports multiple functionalities, making a powerful IVR platform with features such as audio playback, recording, digit collection, web service access, calendar integration, optional speech recognition, and synthesis.

The IVR applications can be designed and developed using the Dialplan language or through the Asterisk Gateway Interface and can integrate with implicitly any external system. 

As an open-source and versatile framework, Asterisk IVR solutions can provide advantages to develop robust, scalable solutions that easily fit in a business model. 

Moreover, Asterisk is one of the flexible solutions for IVR solution development. It can be used in building many voice communication applications with customized solutions and state-of-the-art features. 

Benefits of Asterisk IVR solution for call center

In the current scenario, IVR is not limited to call center industries only. Mainly IVR systems are embracing advanced intelligence to improve efficiency in other sectors such as healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and many more. Asterisk IVR solution helps to automate the stereotype, mundane routine tasks. 

However, call centers or contact centers have distinct advantages of IVR solution development services. Let’s explore it!

Call Center Asterisk IVR solution

IVR makes call centers smarter by conversing with customers, understanding them, contributing self-service by solving their inquiries by pre-recorded messages or redirecting customers’ calls to the right agent. Asterisk IVR solution relatively reduces the call center operational cost, improves customer service and agent efficiency, increases first customer resolution, and increases professionalism and customer satisfaction. Advanced IVR System with a smartphone tree provides voicemail options, call back requests, schedule a callback, and text to speech option.

Efficient Call Routing

The efficient Call routing feature of IVR optimizes each call’s performance by separating the callers and then navigating the market to the right department.

The well-designed system will decrease the callers’ wait time and provide them on-the-spot gratification while routing the call to the right agent without flaws.

Boost Self Service

With advanced technology, agents can save their time by allowing customers to solve their problems without speaking with an agent. Companies pre-record FAQs or customer queries in the IVR System with an option to self-service to self-service by selecting the appropriate option with IVR. This will cut long waiting times, and customers get instant solutions to their problems. Intelligent IVR enables companies to flaunt round the clock customer support without assisting customers with live agents. 

Advanced Speech Recognition

Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR), when added with an IVR system, the caller can use voice prompts to describe the issue rather than using touchpads and receive the fast track response. Embracing the latest business technologies always promotes the process, decreases operational cost, and improves customer satisfaction.

Speech recognition can also make customer service more useful by blending IVR with CIS (Customer Information System).

If you want to improve the operational efficiency of your business through the IVR system, connect with us now. Ecosmob offers industry-best Asterisk IVR solution development to promote efficiency and effectiveness.


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