The Way Video Conferencing is Headed in 2019 – Trends to Watch

Conferencing is the in thing in communication and video rules the roosts. It is likely to overtake or match audio as the medium of communication in conferencing for 2019 and beyond. 5G is almost upon us and technologies have evolved for video conferencing to become a fluid experience. More use of video conferencing in call […]

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Must Avoid Video Conferencing Unforgivable Mistakes

Video Conferences have tested to be a vital and versatile tool for business. It is practiced for online business conferences, job interviews, product demos, conferences with purchasers, academic seminars, webinars so on. But with its benefits, return also some unforgivable video conferencing mistakes. Here are some video conferencing tips about however you’ll steer afar from […]

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What To Keep In Mind While Considering Asterisk Video Conferencing Solution?

Video conferencing solution has brought radical change in the way communication happens in the business. It gives a sense of face to face meeting with the clients, team members and prospects. It is an amazing tool which has played a big role in vaporizing the distance barriers from the business. If you are one of […]

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