IVR Solution Development: Best Choice for Ticket Booking System

IVR Solution

Almost all industries are taking advantage of technology to increase efficiency and productivity. And, ticket booking is not an exception. Ticket booking is employed widely in industries such as travel, entertainment, support centers, and many more.


Traditional ticket booking systems are either tedious, like standing during a long queue to urge the ticket or require access to technology like online ticket booking demands access to a high-speed internet connection.


But, the Asterisk IVR Solution is the most competent alternative for the ticket booking systems. The ticket booking IVR solution is the preferred choice as it is a cost-effective, efficient, and robust solution. This Interactive Voice Response solution will assist you in providing the versatility to book tickets.


So, let’s understand how the automated ticketing IVR solution works?


It is a phone-based solution that may be accessed from any phone, including, but not limited to, smartphones, landline, VoIP phone, or webphone. To use an IVR system for IVR solution development, you need to get a GUI based admin panel from which you’ll configure your IVR menu with an easy drag and drop sort of options.


Once the IVR menu is set, you will not need any human resources to watch or stay involved within the booking process. Everything is going to be done automatically.


Customers can efficiently book the tickets through the Asterisk IVR solution quickly, easily. The IVR will play a welcome message then guide the caller to require further steps by playing different instructions prompts.


The caller must choose the well-liked option from the played prompts. Supporting your IVR solution development, the caller can register the response with voice prompts or dial tone, i.e., pressing various keys on the phone’s dial pad.


The Asterisk IVR solution development is remarkably easy to use for both entities; company and customers. The entire solution is simple enough that does not require specialized knowledge to access the system. Even the lay audience can smoothly perform their tasks without encountering any trouble. Hence, ticket-booking powered by IVR solutions is in demand these days.


Another fantastic advantage of this IVR system is that it can book tickets 365/24/7 with an equivalent warm welcome message and voice prompts. So, you can allow your customers to book tickets anytime they need to.


The IVR solution development can offer you an automatic ticketing IVR solution, which suggests that the entire booking process will be quick and intuitive. And you will also save costs on human resources. With the advanced ticket booking IVR solution, you will be improving the productivity and efficiency of business operations.

Why choose an automated ticket booking IVR solution?


A customized IVR solution is the most reliable solution for ticket booking. Here are the benefits of IVR solution development;


Configurable solution

From a welcome message to multiple IVR prompts, all things that are configurable in these solutions support your business and booking management requirements.


Simple integration

you will readily integrate the IVR solution with a database, CRM, fax, and 3rd party applications for offering more customer-friendly and efficient booking services.



Easy-to-use admin panel facilitates you to switch or edit prompts as and when necessary.



Ticket booking solutions supported IVR offer DTMF (Dual-Tone, Multi-Frequency) and scripting support and multiple language support to succeed in a wider audience.



You will readily get the info about ticket booking with the assistance of reporting and logs. It’s possible to urge real-time data with IVR ticket booking software.


Want to opt for the advanced approach for the ticket-booking system?


Let’s talk. Ecosmob offers scalable, reliable IVR solutions development for ticket-booking. Our Asterisk-based development and agile methodology will deliver the business-centric results with zero downtime. Depending on your business requirements, our developers will design the tailored ticket booking IVR solution for you.


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