Session Border Controller for Telecom Operators Goes Beyond Simple Security

Session Border Controller for Telecom Operators Goes Beyond Simple Security

The inadequacy of firewalls in VoIP networks to provide adequate protection to VoIP traffic led to the rise of session border controllers, some of them hardware-based and some software-based with the latter proving more versatile. Session border controller software can adapt to change. There is the change in SIP technologies and in the way people are using VoIP for more than just voice calls. Threats are becoming more sophisticated that reinforces the need for a stronger and smarter SBC solution. At the same time, it must have a layered architecture to manage protocols and codecs. What you need is not a simple SBC but one that is also an IP Multimedia Subsystem to handle the next-generation network. Given the increase in threats, increase in a number of customers using VoIP and the proliferation of media protocols and codes, the SBC you choose needs to be robust, smart and capable of taking on anything that is thrown at it.

Quality of service-security
No carrier or VoIP service provider can afford to have compromised networks that could possibly affect their client’s privacy and confidentiality of data. Even attacks that bring down networks and disrupt communications are likely to be viewed dimly by clients. Carriers can assure security with the choice of an intelligent session border controller that has embedded ML/AI elements. The SBC actually listens, learns and can identify suspicious patterns without raising false flags. Give your customers peace of mind and they will have reasons to stay with you.

Seamless call experience and clarity
A call may originate anywhere in the world and terminate at any other point located in some distant country. Both sides need fast connectivity and excellent audio clarity regardless of the protocols and codecs in use at either end. Customers are using VoIP networks for video chats and conferences and to exchange documents and expect the same fidelity and jitter-free experience. The SBC software with IMS layer delivers an exceptional experience regardless of whether the parties are on a regular network or part of 3GPP/LTE next-generation networks. There may be few hundreds of concurrent calls or several hundred thousands but a quality, well-architected SBC never falters.

Intelligent least call routing, monitoring, analytics
It is taken for granted that a capable SBC solution should handle NAT and topology hiding with ease. Customers may or may not be aware but the SBC also takes care of intelligent least cost routing, a feature that can save a carrier millions in a year that they can pass on to customers or retain as profit. Couple this with the billing, analytics and reporting features that are standard in well designed SBC solutions and carriers have a vital component in their network that helps them cement their place in markets and grow customers.

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