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Five Reasons to Use CRM Integration IVR in Business

IVR can be frustrating from the customer’s perspective, even more so if it is the static standalone type. Most people would rather dial a number and speak to a person instead of innumerable key presses that get them nowhere. IVR is good but with CRM integration, it gets better and helps companies avoid the customer frustration trap.

Integrated CRM IVR better than plugin
Most enterprises do have a CRM in place as well as an IVR system but these seem to operate in parallel. Most CRMs do offer APIs that help plugin IVR and make use of data for better services but this can be somewhat tedious. CRM integrated IVR is a better option such as Asterisk integrated IVR solution that has the best features of IVR balanced by CRM in an automated fashion. Instead of interminable key presses, the caller has connected to a specific agent right away when CRM steps in by providing all data about the caller to the agent, helping him speed things up. There may be glitches and hiccups if one uses the API route to plug in CRM to IVR but with an integrated solution, everything works smoothly right off the bat.

Most IVRs have an option to connect to a live agent as a last resort. CRM integrated IVRs transfer calls faster to a live agent who gets to view complete data of the caller and must respond with alacrity and the right way in order to satisfy the caller. This means he must be on his toes and be responsible for delivering the right response that a caller expects. If the agent has completed his part of the process, those next in line too are equally accountability to carry the steps forward.

From the caller’s perspective, he does not experience the frustration of key presses. He has connected to a live agent right away. From the agent’s perspective, when a call is transferred to him, he sees the caller’s ID and data right in front of him on the screen. He can get down to resolving the issue right away instead of a long drawn out process of identification and finding out what the issue is. This translates to speed and efficiency in operations when one uses CRM integrated IVR from AsteriskService.

Reduced costs
Time is money. When more callers can be processed with least efforts, one can reduce manpower and equipment too and all of these translate to reduced costs. Data generated can be used in several various ways for marketing strategies.

Increased sales and revenue
Satisfied customers are returning customers. They also recommend. Integrated IVR-CRM helps sales personnel handle queries, process orders and post order processes with speed and efficiency besides indulging in cross-selling strategies all of which translate to more sales and revenues.

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