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Different Ways to Use Asterisk Voice Broadcasting Solution

Like any other tool, the voice and SMS broadcasting solution is a tool. How you use it can determine the results you get from it and your ROIs. Here are different ways to use voice broadcasts and SMS broadcasts to better effect without falling under the spammer category.

Promote business
– These days businesses are cutting costs and yet wish to drive marketing to greater heights. You can go the expensive route or you can be smart and innovatively use Asterisk voice broadcasting solution to reach out to potential targets across various geographic locations. Tie it up with your CRM, let the broadcast software choose lists according to pre-determined parameters. Create a voice message in the language of your choice and then define times when the voice message should be sent out. The broadcast software does the rest. Your agents work on tasks and talk to a target only when the person at the other end picks up the phone, listens to the message and selects the option to talk with a human agent. This is much better than cold calling.

– Another way to use voice/SMS broadcast for business is to keep preparing offers and deals and send them out to existing customers as well as new customers.

– A third way you can put the broadcast software to good use is to carry out surveys. Feed numbers from the CRM to the software, design your survey and then blast away. Recipients have the option of undergoing the survey or refusing it. If they agree the survey then proceeds. For a low cost you can gather a lot of information from customers spread out over various regions.

– Festivals and time-sensitive offers are best handled by SMS or voice broadcast. Let the software broadcast the message and sit back for customers to call in order to grab the offer or simply diver them to the IVR with an appropriate selection of numbers and then attend to them at leisure.

Government sector
Governments and municipal corporations must have broadcasting software in these days of digitization. It comes in useful when hundreds of thousands must be reminded to pay taxes by a certain date. Administrators can use voice broadcasts to send out emergency notifications in case of natural disasters.

Political parties
Political parties use any and every means to reach out to the voter and convince them to vote for them. It is expensive to engage call centers to reach out to the voters in your constituency but with voice broadcast, the cost is significantly low and, importantly, thousands receive the message at the same time.

Doctors and lawyers
Unlike political parties and governments, doctors and lawyers may not have to reach out to thousands of people. However, the voice broadcast feature can well be used to send out reminders about appointments or any changes. It can also be used for general greetings and to maintain touch with clients.

Asterisk Service’s voice broadcasting software is a nifty tool. It does not sound like much but when used right, it has the power to help you enhance customer loyalty, grab more customers and grow your business.

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