A Guide About Asterisk Based CRM Integrated IVR System for Businesses

A Guide About Asterisk Based CRM Integrated IVR System for Businesses

Today, most businesses are leveraging the benefits of IVR solutions by integrating them with their CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system. As customer satisfaction has become a key concern of businesses these days, it has become essential to choose the most effective and innovative ways that can help to drive customer satisfaction to the next level. Without spending tons of money and resources, businesses can achieve their targets of providing an excellent customer experience with the help of IVR and CRM software.

What is an IVR System?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated call management solution that allows businesses to provide their customers the self-service option. When a customer initiates a call, the IVR solution usually starts the communication with a personalized greeting while offering a category of menus that customers can select from to get the right solution for their query.

What is CRM?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is an essential part of a business that helps manage customer relationships with the business. It is a platform that connects all the departments of an organization, including sales, marketing, customer service department, and others. All the data, metrics, and activities of these departments are stored in the CRM system, easily accessed by authorized users. The real-time access to customer’s data allows businesses to deliver superior, personalized, satisfactory service to their customers. Besides, it also helps in strengthening efficient coordination across teams and departments within the organization.

CRM Integrated IVR Solution

The advanced, smart CRM integrated IVR solution offered by Asterisk is one of the widely used solutions by many businesses. A CRM integrated IVR system makes a fully engaged IVR CRM solution, which can deliver more engaging services to the customers. The user data collected and stored in the CRM will be used by the IVR solution to serve the customers. Based on the CRM data and user interaction, the IVR system can play more personalized IVR prompts, leading to increased engagement with the users.

How Does CRM Integrated Asterisk IVR Solution Works?

An Asterisk based IVR solution works efficiently by following few simple steps:

  • Integrate the CRM with the Asterisk IVR system
  • Let the caller calls on a predefined number
  • As soon as the system receives the call, it will play personalized messages based on the available users details in the CRM
  • The IVR system will guide the caller to get the necessary information or connect with a live agent.

Features of CRM Integrated Asterisk Based IVR Solution

The CRM Integrated Asterisk IVR system is ideal for businesses of all types, including call/contact centers, customer support centers, e-commerce companies, healthcare, and many others. Some of the key features of Asterisk-based IVR solution includes:

  • Provide Real-Time Customer Data Access
  • Support IVR Scripts
  • Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP) Incorporation
  • Easy to Integrated with Various Popular CRMs, including SalesForce CRM
  • Allow Seamless Integration with Custom CRM
  • Offers VoiceXML Support
  • Facilitates Call Recording
  • Consists of a User-Friendly Admin GUI
  • Easy to Use and Configurable IVR Prompts
  • Provide Multilingual Support
  • Facilitates Redesigning of Current IVR Scripts
  • Provide ASR IVR Combined Support
  • Comprises VoiceXML Processor
  • Consists of Call Control XML Processor
  • Provide DTMF Input Support
  • Offers Voice-Tone Input Support
  • Facilitate Flawless Text to Speech Integration
  • Easy Generation and Access to CDRs and Reports

Benefits of the Asterisk CRM IVR Integration

Some of the key benefits that businesses can leverage by integrating CRM with Asterisk IVR solution include:

  • Better Conversion Rate: With access to real-time information about the customers, customer care agents can provide customized services to the prospects. Providing more relevant information increases the chances of converting the prospects into customers.
  • Deliver Personalized Services: CRM integration allows users to access all the important details about customers, which help in delivering more personalized service to enhance customer experience.
  • Increased Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities: For businesses, especially e-commerce companies, CRM integrated IVR system is beneficial in increasing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by allowing them to reach more prospects easily.
  • Reduced IVR to Agent Transfer Ratio: When the IVR system is integrated with the CRM, it gets all the required information that customers are usually searching for, thus reducing IVR ratio to agent transfer to a great extent.
  • Increased Agent Productivity: An IVR system can route the calls (if required) to the most appropriate agent. Since agents have access to the caller’s details, they can resolve the customer issues quickly and efficiently without wasting any time in asking unnecessary questions. This further helps in enhancing the agent’s productivity.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The most important concern of every business- customer satisfaction can be handled efficiently with the help of a CRM integrated IVR system. It presents customers with the self-service option and, if required, routes the calls quickly to the right department or agent. Real-time access to customer data, quick responses, fast resolution of customer issues, reduced or no waiting time, and personalized customer service all lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Improved ROI: CRM integrated Asterisk IVR solution assures improved customer service, increased agent’s productivity, better sales management, reduced long-distance carrier cost, and increased customer satisfaction rate. All these help businesses in achieving increased ROI.


It is important to note that today’s customers expect quick, efficient, and customized business services. Therefore, to keep pace with the customer’s expectations, businesses must invest in some promising technologies that can help them deliver the best possible services to their existing and potential customers. And, the CRM integrated Asterisk IVR solution is undoubtedly one of the best and worth investing tools in enhancing customer satisfaction and bringing in more business for the companies.

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