Why businesses should use Asterisk Payment IVR Solution for payment processing

Asterisk Payment IVR Solution

The conventional payment methods have some loopholes. You must be having a query that is possible to pay without the internet. The answer is yes, and the solution is asterisk payment IVR.
Asterisk payment IVR is a payment processing solution that helps you to transfer money. Also, it completes all your transactions using credit card/debit cards or net banking. It offers a secure and seamless transaction.


The asterisk payment IVR solution is the advanced solution. It includes high-security and fantastic features. You can customize its features according to the requirement and environment of the company.


Asterisk payment IVR does not only help the clients to transfer money or make a payment anytime and anywhere using their cell phones, but it also releases the burden of the organization and the staff.


Using the payment IVR solution, customers can carry out specific operations on their own. It reduces the hassle of relying on customer care agents for making and receiving payments.


Steps involved in working of asterisk payment IVR solution


1. The consumer contacts a predefined number to transfer the amount.

2. When the call connects, the auto-attendant greets the consumer and then walks through the transfer procedure.

3. Now, the consumer can pick various options, such as entering the payment mode, amount, etc.

4. After the consumer finishes the payment procedure, the IVR solution will send a confirmation message in the way of a voice message, email, or an SMS.


Many industries, such as hospitality, banks, travel, insurance agencies, credit card companies, tax collection agencies, and other enterprises have been benefited by IVR solutions so far.

Benefits of Asterisk payment IVR solution:


The asterisk payment IVR solution for payment processing has gained popularity due to the numerous benefits. A few of the advantages of asterisk payment IVR solutions are as mentioned below.


● The Asterisk payment IVR solution provides seamless features to users to complete the payment without any error.


● It allows customers to use various payment gateways involving credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc.


● If customers want to make payment through IVR, they do not need to have an internet connection. They can do the processing seamlessly just by simply following the voice instruction played by the IVR system.


● Asterisk payment IVR solution offers a great user experience by creating a productive environment. It gives customers the flexibility to choose the preferred language to access the IVR solution.


One of the main features that Asterisk payment IVR solution provides is top-notch security. Security has always been a subject of concern for customers in payment processing. However, the IVR solution has reduced the risk to a great extent.


There can be possibilities of stolen credit card data while interacting with a human agent, but there are zero possibilities of this risk with the Asterisk payment IVR solution.


The Asterisk payment IVR solution adopts tokenization that changes the account data with a token ID, thus making it completely secure.


Wrapping up

After analyzing the features and facts, it would not be wrong to say that the Asterisk payment IVR solution for payment processing is the best choice for any organization or firm. Businesses should choose it for secure payment processing.



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