Why Businesses Must Seriously Switch Over to Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution

The way of working and conducting business has changed post-COVID. Since communication is the base it follows that you must have a solid system in place that will meet current and future needs of collaboration as well as customer service. Consider contact center software for business. The software is the prime mover for call centers but its features make it perfect for today’s changing environment and working. Think of a switch. It will benefit you no end.


Employee interaction
One of the biggest hurdles to face in today’s age of social distancing and remote working is that of employee interaction and collaboration, so essential to serve customers. With the call center software in place you neatly tie together communications for every employee regardless of whether they are in the office or elsewhere.
Further, you connect the CRM and enable document sharing, conferencing, and support for each other. You can focus on running your business and deliver a superior customer experience.
It must be noted that all such interactions between employees and customers go on record in a centralized database for easy access and analytics later on.
Plus, managers can listen in on conversations and jump in if necessary.
Then there is the smart skill-based routing that ensures incoming call goes to the right person, saving time, manpower, and resources besides assuring prompt response and first call resolution.


Serve customers through any channel of their choice
Employee A interacts with a customer from home using Whatsapp on the personal smartphone. Employee B, located elsewhere, interacts with a customer on Facebook using a desktop system. Employee C uses a personal phone number to handle queries and complaints. All such activities lead to communication glitches and delays as well as data dispersal. Put in place omnichannel contact center software and your worries disappear. All employees, wherever they are and whatever device they use, access a unified control dashboard and can respond quickly to any query or complaint, manage leads quickly and help the company to project a better image.

It becomes easy to send an SMS in response to a Facebook post, switch to phone or company Whatsapp number, send an email, and be assured that all such disparate communications neatly tie together in a backend database for ready reference.

The system keeps track of each customer’s preferred channel and whenever you react or contact a lead or customer your employees have relevant data on the screen.


Effortless campaigns and services
Modern omnichannel call center solutions usually incorporate IVRs that come in handy for inbound customer self-service. At the same time, you can program the IVR for automated outbound sales campaigns. Both functions within the contact center software save valuable time, automate tasks, deliver excellent customer experience, and generate new leads. Once again, you have all such activities recorded in your CRM for reference and to ensure you do not miss leads or delay customer call responses. Your software may include SMS/voice mail broadcast, which is an additional tool for pushing notifications or campaigns. The shrinking economy and marketplace dictate that you be on your toes to grab new customers and keep existing customers loyal, functions that the contact center software admirably fulfills.


It becomes difficult to keep track of all that is happening on several fronts such as ongoing customer interactions, interactions with vendors, and following leads. Contact center solutions incorporate in-depth features to deliver precise knowledge on:

What each employee does during a call, duration, and outcome
How many new leads are generated and converted
Feedbacks of existing customers


Armed with this knowledge you can fine-tune operations across all areas and increase employee efficiency, empower them, and also keep customers happy.


The cost of communication is always a prime consideration, as it should be. However, if you pick Hodusoft you get options on contact center software. You can opt for an on-premise solution, which entails upfront investment but low running cost. The other option is a hosted cloud-based solution, which is far better in all ways since you do not invest anything upfront, do not need specialized hardware setup, and can pay as you go. Additionally, there is the benefit of anytime access by authorized employees.


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