What is Automated Appointment Reminder Systems and Why you need it?

What is Automated Appointment Reminder Systems and Why you need it?

Automated-Appointment-Reminder-SystemsEach business, no matter what industry it belongs to, deal with many people in its day to day operations. It can be customers, prospects, vendors, staff, etc. In a highly professional environment and to keep things on track, each business uses a mechanism of appointments. The businesses schedule meetings in prior to utilize their time, efforts and resources in an optimal way. This is one of the best ways to increase productivity and returns over investment for any business, but the major problem with this mechanism is people often forget about the scheduled appointments and meeting. Thus, one of the members does not show up in the scheduled meeting while the other has already been there for the meeting and waiting. This wastes a lot of time of a useful resource because he/she is occupied for a time period and doing nothing other than waiting for the next person to appear for the meeting. Here comes the automated appointment reminder systems. It is the best solution to make sure your resources don’t spend their time in waiting for the customer, prospect, vendor or team member to join the meeting and everyone appears for the meeting on time.
What Is Automated Appointment Reminder Systems?
It is a solution which is coded to send an automatic reminder to the meeting participants for the scheduled meeting automatically. It means the Automated Appointment Reminder Systems will send a reminder to each participant of the meeting for the scheduled appointment.
This reminder can be sent before a day, before an hour or before 10 minutes of the appointment. In fact, the companies can send multiple reminders of an appointment, too, so they can ensure the participant does not forget the appointment at any cost. The best and the most used case is, sending an appointment reminder before 24 hours of the scheduled meeting, then sending the reminder before an hour of the scheduled meeting and final reminder before 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment. This decreases the no show ratio up to 90%.
The reminder can be sent in different mode of communication. Below is the list of possible channels which can be used to send the automated reminder for an appointment:

  • An Audio call
  • An email
  • An SMS
  • A fax

The business can also select more than one channel and use them to send the reminder. It means you can send automated reminder via both, audio call and an email for an instance.
The Automated appointment reminder systems can get integrated with your existing utility applications such as:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • And more

It means you can either use the existing applications to enjoy the seamless experience or you can get a reminder solution with inbuilt utility applications. This means the automated appointment reminder systems will contain the required utility apps such as calendar, clock, CRM, etc.
Why you need this system?
There are many benefits a business can impart by making this system part of it. Below is the list of key benefits one may gain using this system:

  • Decrease no show off ratio in the scheduled appointments
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Increase ROI
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