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What are the key features of the CRM integrated IVR system?

The IVR CRM integrated solution may not be the most innovative solution, but it has definitely offered services to the clients who experienced a lot of convenience due to this feature. The IVR solution is already used but is not so pleasant each time or easy to use each time. Based on the CRM data and user interaction, the system can play more personalized IVR prompts. This surely creates the buyer’s journey personified at the next level. Thus, the IVR solution integrated with the CRM will contribute beneficial services by giving the more personalized response to the customers.



Key Features of the CRM Integrated IVR Solution:

  • IVR Scripts
  • Real time Customer Data Access
  • VoiceXML Support
  • Redesign Current IVR Scripts
  • ASR IVR Combined Support
  • Voicexml Processor
  • Call Control XML Processor
  • Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP) Incorporation
  • DTMF Input support
  • Voice-Tone Input Support
  • Integration with Popular CRMs like Salesforce
  • Integration with Custom CRM
  • Call Recording
  • User friendly Admin GUI
  • Configurable IVR Prompts
  • Multilingual support
  • Text to Speech Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • CDRs and Reports

There is no overstatement in saying that tailor-made Asterisk IVR solution with CRM integration can make the business to seize the challenges and varying terms through encouraging communication system. Speak to your IVR Expert today !

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