Asterisk Information IVR System Transforms Businesses into Information Hubs

Asterisk Informative IVR Solution

The interactive voice response or IVR system is the reason why millions of banking customers receive the information they are looking over a phone call, after being guided to select options by a pre-recorded voice message. From greetings to giving messages and prompts to make users key-in numbers or select specific options of touch-tone based […]

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Hotel IVR Solution That Meets Needs of Hospitality Industry in Current Scenarios

Hotel IVR Solution

The internet has certainly changed the way people travel. VoIP communications have further impacted the hospitality industry and facilitated customers looking for tickets or hotel bookings. There is no lack of choices. Hospitality industry is competitive in the extreme. Hotels implementing Hotel IVRs need to look at a system that is comprehensive and takes care […]

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Why Payment Processing IVR System becomes Popular among Business

Payment Processing IVR Solution

In today’s mobile-driven age, establishing a telephone-payment system is the need of the hour. Companies can facilitate their customers to pay their bills using mobile phones through payment processing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution. Apart from payment in a secure manner, such solution is also useful for the hotel, ticket, and appointment booking. Sectors like […]

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How Quiz IVR Solution facilitates Recruitment Process in Companies

Quiz IVR Solution

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technique has revolutionized the way of connecting with customers and stakeholders of the company. Customized IVR software can address unified communication requirements efficiently, and serve various communication-related purposes. Different organizations can leverage the benefits of IVR solutions depending on their needs. Quiz IVR solution is one such example that enables […]

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How to Use an IVR Payment Solution in Insurance?

No matter in whatever sector you are – finance, healthcare, hospitality or any other, the success of your business depends mostly upon the quality of service you give to your customers. Good quality service makes your customers happy and helps you maintain loyal and long-term relationships.   Let’s talk specifically about the insurance sector in […]

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Compendious Guide of Interactive Voice Response System

We all have experienced the IVR System in our life. Not sure? Let us tell you when?. When you call in a customer support center or in an agency, you hear an automated prompt, which welcomes you first and then guide you to the right person that’s an Interactive Voice Response System. This article will […]

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