Asterisk IVR Payment- Offer Your Customers a Secure and Interactive Payment Gateway

IVR Payment Processing

Cyber attacks and security breaches have become new norms in a technology-driven world. Hackers tend to use the Internet for stealing valuable data of vulnerable people, and many companies have faced the sting of data theft globally. Thanks to communication technology advancements, you can use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) payment solution as a safer option […]

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Say Goodbye to Payment Hassles with Asterisk IVR Payment Solutions

IVR Payment Gateway

  If you’re in a retail business or having an eCommerce store where your customers require payment gateways to initiate payment for the purchased product, you require safe and seamlessly performing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) payment solutions. Simply put, any B2B or B2C business, where the online transaction is necessary, you need customized IVR Payment […]

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How to Use an IVR Payment Solution in Insurance?

No matter in whatever sector you are – finance, healthcare, hospitality or any other, the success of your business depends mostly upon the quality of service you give to your customers. Good quality service makes your customers happy and helps you maintain loyal and long-term relationships.   Let’s talk specifically about the insurance sector in […]

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What is IVR Payment Processing System and Why you need it?

Nowadays, we all lead busy lives and your customers are not an exception at all. We all need to deal with the time shortage and priority tasks. These facts have changed the buying and paying habits of many people. Now, most of the customers thrive to buy items and pay invoices or bills remotely. This […]

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