What is the future of IP Based Video Telephony?

IP Based Video Telephony or also known as Conferencing Solutions will have lasting effects on our country. Building Better Society Creating Smarter Communities Transparent and Trustworthy Government Flourishing Schools Progressive Hospitals Financial Fitness for Everyone Endless product invention Relishing A Healthy Life Seamless Access to Knowledge Limitless Reach beyond Domestic Boundaries Oh! It’s like every […]

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Must Avoid Video Conferencing Unforgivable Mistakes

Video Conferences have tested to be a vital and versatile tool for business. It is practiced for online business conferences, job interviews, product demos, conferences with purchasers, academic seminars, webinars so on. But with its benefits, return also some unforgivable video conferencing mistakes. Here are some video conferencing tips about however you’ll steer afar from […]

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Importance of Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing Solution

The technological advancement has greatly revolutionized our business communication. It has shifted our perception to conduct businesses. Now, we can link our businesses globally with the internet and social media. With electronic mediums it is easier to pave the path for communication. Video conferencing solutions enable individuals to work remotely and to maintain their work […]

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Five Major Business Benefits of Web Conferencing Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Web Conferencing Solution

From promoting products or services to closing the deal, salespersons remain engaged in a plethora of activities for boosting the sales figures. One of their major objectives is to establish and maintain business relationships with the existing and prospective clients. There, business communication comes into play. Now, traditionally, salespeople were used to traveling from one […]

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