Asterisk Session Border Controller: Simplify And Secure Communication Solution

Session Border Controller

A Session Border Controller or SBC is special-purpose equipment that protects and manages IP communications streams. As the name suggests, session border controllers are extended at network borders to control IP communications sessions. Originally considered to protect and control VoIP networks, SBCs are now used to manage and monitor all sorts of real-time communications such […]

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Asterisk SBC Solution For Existing Third Party SBC Problems, Configurations and Installation

Asterisk Session Border Controller

VoIP plays a crucial role in enterprise communication and keeping the network is of utmost priority. Session border controllers play a vital role in assuring security as well as facilitating the transcoding of media streams. Businesses today realize the importance of SBCs and usually go for software-based SBC solutions usually open-source like Freeswitch, SER, Asterisk, […]

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Evolutions in Session Border Controller Solution for VoIP Service Providers

The SBC or session border controller is an indispensable part of SIP trunking to protect IP PBX networks. It is just as indispensable where class 4 and class 5 softswitches are involved in VoIP networks where its transcoding and security promote smoother operations. SBCs continue to evolve with focus shifting towards security and better media […]

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