What are the key features of the CRM integrated IVR system?


The IVR CRM integrated solution may not be the most innovative solution, but it has definitely offered services to the clients who experienced a lot of convenience due to this feature. The IVR solution is already used but is not so pleasant each time or easy to use each time. Based on the CRM data […]

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10 Reasons You Must Invest In IVR Payment System

Payment IVR Solution

Do you assume IVRs are a waste of money, not necessary for your SMB or are super cheesy? Do you assume that customers don’t like interacting with an IVR, or are turned far from your business if they’re greeted by an IVR? Do you think they’re too arduous to set up, need refined telecom or […]

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Five Reasons to Use CRM Integration IVR in Business

CRM Integrated IVR

IVR can be frustrating from the customer’s perspective, even more so if it is the static standalone type. Most people would rather dial a number and speak to a person instead of innumerable key presses that get them nowhere. IVR is good but with CRM integration, it gets better and helps companies avoid the customer […]

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Asterisk IVR Payment- Offer Your Customers a Secure and Interactive Payment Gateway

IVR Payment Processing

Cyber attacks and security breaches have become new norms in a technology-driven world. Hackers tend to use the Internet for stealing valuable data of vulnerable people, and many companies have faced the sting of data theft globally. Thanks to communication technology advancements, you can use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) payment solution as a safer option […]

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