VoIP IVR Trends To Watch Out In 2019

VoIP IVR Trends in 2019

Technology evolution has always benefited the end user as can be seen in smartphones and business communications. Communications is switching over to VoIP and self service with PSTN well on its way out much like the CRT monitor, magnetic tape and mechanical cameras. If it benefits end users, evolution also keeps developers busy but that […]

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Why Choosing Custom Asterisk IVR Development Is Best For Businesses Looking to Deliver Customer Satisfaction

Asterisk Development

Businesses have been adopting IVR, or interactive voice response, in droves since its introduction. The automation helps them reduce cost and enhance services. However, as they have found to their chagrin, IVRs often contribute to customer frustration because of the delays and difficulty in getting precisely the service they need. Even if IVR is designed […]

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Asterisk Information IVR System Transforms Businesses into Information Hubs

Asterisk Informative IVR Solution

The interactive voice response or IVR system is the reason why millions of banking customers receive the information they are looking over a phone call, after being guided to select options by a pre-recorded voice message. From greetings to giving messages and prompts to make users key-in numbers or select specific options of touch-tone based […]

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Five Reasons to Use CRM Integration IVR in Business

CRM Integrated IVR

IVR can be frustrating from the customer’s perspective, even more so if it is the static standalone type. Most people would rather dial a number and speak to a person instead of innumerable key presses that get them nowhere. IVR is good but with CRM integration, it gets better and helps companies avoid the customer […]

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How Payment Processing Solution Help in Business

Asterisk Payment Processing IVR

Modern businesses are used to accepting payment by credit card or debit card. Payment processing helps ease the burden on the customer of having to carry cash and for the merchant too, it proves beneficial as card paying customers will prefer their services.   Payment processing through IVR is a game changer for both. It […]

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