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How Currency IVR Solution help Business

The international dealings are complicated not only because of legal hurdles but also because of currency difference. When it comes to getting the latest international currency rates or the local currency value equivalent to a particular country’s currency, the real-time information of the currency rates can help enterprises a lot. Here, we can mention two useful functions: One is to provide the latest currency rates across various countries and the other is to offer the converted value from international to local currency and vice versa. Both these objectives can be served effectively by the custom currency IVR solution.

Trend among people

Currently, people depend on the financial institutions including banks and foreign exchanges for having the accurate information regarding currency conversion. However, these institutions may face hurdles while providing this information to many people at once due to the lack of staff at the information center.

Role of dynamic IVR

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can automate the process of giving information on currency conversion rates while eliminating the necessity of hiring dedicated staff for financial institutions. Tailored currency IVR solution can streamline the process and offer services like a normal telephone inquiry system with considerable cost savings. Custom IVR solution can provide the latest and reliable information in an automated manner. For currency conversion, the currency IVR software can handle the inquiries related to the international currency rates and conversion values for different currencies. It is cost-effective, and therefore, is gaining ground among the financial institutions.

The caller can get the updated information every time by just pressing the respective numbers of an ordinary phone. The dynamic IVR can be customized readily through integrating the features like multilingual support for offering more customer-friendly services.

Advantages of currency IVR solution

Apart from automatizing the process and 24/7 access the currency rate informative IVR solution can increase the efficiency of the institution and reduce operational costs.

Following are a few noteworthy benefits of currency IVR software:  

  • Expanded hours- The dynamic IVR system has no constraints of time zones. The financial institutions can offer 24/7 access to currency conversion process with the help of currency IVR solution.
  • Standardized and professional process- The currency conversion transnational solution can make the currency conversion and payment process standardized for the users and the organization. The customers can find it professional and precise.
  • Efficient information flow- As the process is completely automated, the financial companies can share the real-time information with ease.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction- Customers can get the currency-related information in their respective language without waiting long on a phone. What’s more, the customers do not require an Internet or a smartphone for having this information. It can enhance the customer satisfaction significantly.

The currency IVR solution can be integrated with the existing IVR system or business communication system for providing better user experience while handling many calls simultaneously.

At AsteriskService, we offer the best-in-class currency IVR software development using a robust Asterisk platform. The thriving BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector can get the most from technological advancements in IVR domain as we offer 360-degree currency conversion IVR solution at competitive rates.

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