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How CRM-integrated IVR benefits MNCs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the telephony system known to automate the communication by simply allowing the preset voice to interact with the customers and redirect them to the suitable department as per their queries. IVR helps small organizations to MNCs alike in streamlining their business activities with the automated customer experience and setting call priorities, based on their values. When we integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with the IVR, it can enhance the customer experience significantly.

If you are wondering how CRM integration can improve the customer services, then it is interesting to know how CRM works. CRM business software can track all the customer-related activities and the customer’s information from a business perspective. CRM integration with the IVR system improves the quality of business communication in more effective manner. It offers dynamic caller experience that largely proves to be profitable for your MNC.

When CRM is integrated with the IVR system, it is automatically accessed at the beginning of any call. This will display previous call records and pending or previously solved issues of the caller. IVR options will be played accordingly, which enables the customer to file a new issue or proceed with the previously filed inquiry.

Here are the key benefits of CRM integration with IVR to improve your interaction with the customers:

  • Personalised caller experience: When a customer makes a call, the software will firstly check the caller’s records in the CRM, and then proceed with the next call redirecting IVR messages. These IVR tunes are dynamic and may or may not vary from customer to customer. Call duration, exact timing of the call, day, date, and even the call holding time, along with the agenda are recorded to improve your customer’s experience and to make it more personalized.
  • Real-time data update: Though each of your client’s call is equally important to you, you can’t keep making the notes for every person individually. When CRM is integrated with the IVR system, you can leverage the feature of call recording, to keep track of every discussion made on the phone call. Also, the call can be easily transferred to the senior executive or officer, and the other person can check the conversation made earlier, this eliminates the situation of different opinions among various team members.
  • Closed loop analytics: CRM integration basically aims at improving the marketing and sales performance of the company. With CRM, marketing individuals can easily track the effectiveness of different marketing tricks to streamline the business processes and close the leads in favor of the company.
  • Improved management: When CRM is integrated with the IVR, it is easy to track the performance of every employee regarding their interaction with the customer. If agents resolve query of the client with lesser average call handling time, they can be easily spotted thanks to CRM integrated IVR. It can be used to improve the performance of agents as well.


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