Ease Burden On Your Stuff and Inspire Confidence in Customers with Asterisk Payment IVR Solution

Money is what makes the business go round. Sell products and you must receive payment. Provide services and subscriptions and you rely on timely as well as continuing payments. Making it easier for customers to make payment can actually help you retain them and also garner more. The simple way to achieve this is to put in place an Asterisk payment IVR solution from Asterisk Service.

Encourages customers to make online card payments
Customers understandably are chary about revealing credit card details to human operators. Such data has been misused. Introduce asterisk IVR payment service and inspire confidence in customers. The system does not store data and any card data is converted to encrypted pulses during the transaction. Link orders with payments and once an order is placed a customer can be encouraged to switch over to IVR for payments. This isolation from human intervention certainly raises confidence level especially when IVR payments are PCI DSS compliant. More people will be encouraged to step over to IVR for payments. A spin off here is that incidents of delayed payments reduce.

Reducing burden on employees
Service enterprises may have to employ a number of people to simply send out reminders and track payments or attend to issues. Put in place IVR payment processing solution linked to your CRM and what you get is a facility to use the IVR to send out reminder calls. Should customers so desire they can make immediate payment by pressing a designated key. The payment done, an email goes out and details about payment are entered in the record, all without your employees so much as lifting a finger. Of course, one can have the traditional way of an agent initiating the process, switching a customer over to IVR Payment, and then the agent once again getting back to the customer.

Works for everyone
– Payment IVR works for every business. A restaurant offering food delivery may have an IVR to take orders and extend payment through IVR.
– Insurance companies find it easy to collect premiums in time simply by having IVRs issue reminders and then give customers options to make payment using IVR
IVRs are used by hotels for booking so why not take it a step further and use IVR for payments prior to check in or at the time of leaving?
– Governments can collect taxes through IVR payment. Collection rate goes up as does speed.

Offices can remain open only for specific hours during the day. The IVR payment system works 24×7. You need not invest anything upfront. Simply subscribe to Asterisk Service IVR payment service and you can get going with a solution that facilitates payment flows.


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