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Custom Asterisk Solution Development For Super Performance

Asterisk, as an open-source platform, has been around for years but it keeps evolving all the time. This means there are older asterisk based systems, software, and applications that could do with a rework to implement the latest features through custom asterisk solution development. One of the good things about open source is that software and applications can easily be modified by third parties. Therefore, if you have asterisk based IVR or IP PBX from one vendor there is no need to worry about vendor lock-in. You can get another asterisk expert to update it or add through new features or enhance performance with AGI scripting, configuration, and customization.

Improved IP PBX with customization

Custom asterisk solution can take on your existing legacy IP PBX and give it a new life. For instance, older systems may simply not be able to handle bulk concurrent calls or the various newer codecs in use. Call in an expert in asterisk customization and all these kinks are ironed out. You notice a quantum jump in performance and ease of use. It does not end there. You have dial plan customization that lets you precisely set the behavior of your phone when a number is entered in the off-hook dialing mode. Customization takes care of the digit map to set patterns of numbers. Life becomes easier. Older PBX may not have IVR or WebRTC. If this is so would you choose to go for a new IP PBX? It would be expensive. The better option is to get a developer to integrate IVR and WebRTC into your existing system and improve it. Then again, while on the topic you can extend it to create a complete unified communication solution with asterisk customization. This is just touching the surface of what customization can do for your phone system. For example, your site may have a web form. You can customize operations so that when a form is submitted it automatically leads to dialing of the number of the prospective customer. It is a small thing but the speed of response means you have higher chances of conversion.


If your business uses an asterisk gateway then you have plenty of possibilities to bring in performance enhancements with some custom asterisk gateway scripting. Improve authentication, configure SIP endpoints and set advanced SIP as well as call routing rules.

New apps

If your business operates in an asterisk environment and you have IP PBX you can go a step further with asterisk custom development for solutions like dictation, custom queues, and encrypted connection channels.

The best thing is to start with custom asterisk based IP PBX, IVR or call center solutions but that is for startups to consider. Existing businesses that have an existing asterisk solution may find customization the best way to enhance performance, bring in ease of use and get so much more done in less time.

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