CosmoBS – Broadcast Voice And Text Messages Anytime, Any-day From Anywhere

CosmoBS is a voice and text message broadcasting software; it comes with advanced features and specifications that help reach remote audiences. The software is best suited to all sized businesses. It is an ideal software for running event promotions, campaigns, creating surveys and polls, sending reminders, warnings and reports. Deploying CosmoBS can eliminate the requirement of voice agents and thus, companies can save 30% to 70% cost. Users can upload own voice recording or use its “text-to-speech” feature. Moreover, IVR scripts can also be handled using this software. CosmoBS is easy to use, setup and maintain.


Key Features of CosmoBS, Voice & SMS Broadcasting System

  • Auto redial feature
  • Answering machine detection
  • Call report notification
  • DNC and Opt out support
  • Easy import of contacts
  • Throttle concurrent calls
  • User friendly interface
  • Handles IVR scripts simultaneously
  • Personalized messages

Key Benefits of CosmoBS, Voice & SMS Broadcasting System

  • Offers versatility
  • Adds personal touch to the messages
  • Helps reach huge audiences across the globe
  • Simple to use and integrate
  • Reliable, scalable and robust
Avail with a software that fulfills all the enterprises needs when it comes to broadcasting messages to huge audiences globally.
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