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A HAPPY CUSTOMER can do wonders for your business. Knocking your grey cells? Well let’s explore how:

  • You will retain the customer. No wonder a happy customer will always stick to your brand.
  • Wow! More & More References. Just to help you with the stats – 67% people are convinced to spend money after being recommended from their friends on social communities.
  • Gives enough space to ‘word of mouth’ magic. Great things are always the talk of the town.
  • Its serves the amazing bowl of cherries – Profitability Level Jumps High
  • Crafts a holistic marketing scenario
  • Excels your business reputation. The happy stories give value to your brand.

A happy customer works as an unpaid sales force for your company. However, the reality even speaks that “78% consumers have abandoned their transaction because of poor service”. Yes the news of bad customer services reaches twice as many individuals as the admiration of good service. Time to address the unhappy customer!
Asterisk has found a solution with which you can impact customer satisfaction, business revenue, business insights – empower your business with our excellent call center software development. Our software with extra rich features have modernized the traditional call centers. So now enrich the customer relationship as our contact center solution is found to initiate loyal and satisfied client correlation by implementing reliable, intelligent and secure performance.

Don’t Layoff People, Layoff Outdated Technology – Visualize Growth With The Latest Call Center Software Solutions

Wondering how to scale business communication to next level? Asterisk the best call center solutions provider has designed top notch cloud based Call Center software solutions to improve call center operations by diminishing IT reliance, streamlining workflow processes, simplifying training, and upsetting healthier decisions by means of robust analytics. No matter how complex the call centers process be, optimizing them shouldn’t be. Speed up the profitability and time to market with cloud technology.

Entertain Every Incoming Call Promptly & Effectively

Things get chaotic when the call flow is more, isn’t it? Save yourself from the chaos and let your communication be seamless with our inbound call center solutions. On a high call flow day, when callers are queued and representatives juggle through calls, our software comes to save the day. The software is equipped with ACD, IVR, CTI and ready to serve you perfection to achieve results that you ever thought of. No matter how bad the complexity is, the number of agents working we serve you the best hosted call center software solutions with no regional or hardware limitation.

Intensify The Calling Experience With Versatile Dialing Modes

Leverage the cutting edge technology to scrutinize the effectiveness of your call center and develop customer experience. To help you achieve this we offer you an outbound call center software equipped with customizable dialing modes to shore up the call center needs. The algorithm of this advanced dialer easily predicts when an agent will become available and accordingly amend the rates. So now don’t waste time dialing and waiting. Fortunately with such virtual call center software achieving call center goals is easier and more enjoyable.

Improve Revenue & Customer Satisfaction With Asterisk Blended Call Center Solution

Asterisk’s Web Agent, the one and only solution for outbound and inbound call management, will take care of all of your Contact Center needs. The Asterisk based blended call center solution is robust, feature rich software easily moves between inbound queues and outbound calling lists. The highly comprehensive and customer-centric call center software for small business manages inside sales organization and thus improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Improvise the efficiency of your call centre with our key features:

  • Advanced call distribution
  • Progressive dialer
  • Manual dialer
  • Automated call script
  • Multilevel Interactive Voice Response System
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number support
  • Extension support


  • Whispering
  • Barge-in
  • Conferencing
  • Supervisor client window
  • Agent client window
  • Admin client window
  • Outbound call scheduler
  • Call log and reports


  • Be sure about quality, transparency and consequence for any action
  • Analyze how cost and quality performance value your organization
  • Investigate which factor influences variation and find the root cause of issues and opportunities
  • Enhanced Reporting & Security
  • Customizable & Well Organized interface for users and this leads to fast access to required information

Why us?

Avail the opportunity of creating seamless customer care with our customized VOIP call center software solutions that serves you unparalleled value to your customers. Moreover, we know when any of your business partners thrive on innovation; it is easier to redefine success. So today redefine the methods of communication with asterisk and be successful.


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