Custom WebRTC Client Solution Development Is What You Need for Business

Custom WebRTC Client Solution Development Is What You Need for Business

In these days of WhatsApp and Facebook where one can easily make audio and video calls and carry on a conversation why should one go in for a custom WebRTC client is a question that businesses might well ask. WebRTC purportedly makes it easy to carry on audio or video conferencing through a browser interface but there is a lot going on in the background such as javascript integration and API integration to mention only a couple, necessitating a customized WebRTC solution.

WebRTC client is not simple-you need a proficient developer

Enterprises need WebRTC client solutions from experts in this segment because of the complex underlying technologies and implementations such as session traversal of user datagram protocol and network address translators. Traffic may also be routed through a TURN server. At the same time, direct peer-to-peer communication should also be possible. Just these two aspects call for expertise in the implementation of WebRTC client solutions that experts in WebRTC implementation possess. Besides, they take care of interconnectivity establishment protocol that streamlines connections, signaling servers, and media servers. One must also consider that parties in the audio and video conference may be using disparate equipment and media codecs all of which need to be integrated into the solution in a smooth way.


Data travels in packets over IP networks. Confidentiality of information being passed over networks during audio and video conference is important. Your expert in custom WebRTC development takes particular care to ensure that no one can snoop or listen in.


The most common features of WebRTC are audio and video conferencing in addition to sharing documents and screen sharing. Business needs may extend further in each section in that one may wish to carry on a conversation simultaneously involving a number of people in diverse locations using different hardware devices. One may want features such as person-to-person chat even during the live conference or a one to all or other ways of interaction all of which are possible in custom WebRTC development. Some businesses may need it to be integrated into existing PBX solutions and some may need a directory of people to be called or be able to invite anyone to drop in and that anyone needs not to have a plugin or software installed on his mobile, laptop, or desktop. When used for customer service the same solution may require a feature that accesses CRM and shows data of the caller on the agent’s screen. The possibilities are many but one thing is sure. WebRTC does take a business to a new level. Communication across international boundaries is easy and cuts down the cost of traveling. One does not even need specialized audio or video hardware or invest in a conferencing room.

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