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Asterisk IVR solution development for businesses

Businesses across the globe are always in search of solutions and tools that can assist them in optimizing the business’s money and employee’s time. IVR solution is one of the most innovative and affordable ways to handle the call process for employees and customers. In this article, you will walk through IVR solutions, factors to consider while choosing IVR solutions, features of IVR solution, and benefits of IVR solution.


Introduction to IVR solutions

Interactive voice response is a computerized telephony system that interacts with the customers and collects the essential data to route the call to the most appropriate agent.


Factors to consider while choosing the IVR solution:

Various metrics helps to decide which IVR solution you should opt for your business. However, you should consider a few common factors before selecting an IVR solution. These factors include-


1. Objective

Before choosing an IVR solution, first, think about the main aim of implementing it in your business. It will help you to make effective use of the IVR solution.


2. Inbound IVR, outbound IVR or both

There are two types of IVRs inbound and outbound. Inbound handles incoming calls; on the other hand, outbound IVR is used to dial the number. Before choosing an IVR solution, first, decide whether you want either of them or both.


3. Reports and dashboard

You should always see the analytics and reports of the IVR solution you are thinking of buying. It will help you to analyze whether the chosen system will fulfill all your requirements or not.


Features of IVR solution

1. Speed recognition –
IVR solution comes up with speed recognition features. It permits users to speak as per the questions rather than only using their phone keypads.


2. Professional Greetings –

IVR solution provides a feature to offer professional greetings to callers and build a positive image of the brand in front of them.


3. Voicemail –

It gives the facility to leave a voicemail to callers in the unavailability of your agents. It helps to get in touch with valuable customers and enhances customer satisfaction.


4. Call routing –

The essential feature of an IVR solution is to route the call to an appropriate department and agent automatically. It helps in saving the time of your customers and offers a quick resolution to their problems.


5. Sticky agent –

IVR solution also transfers the call to the agent who has previously dealt with the same customer. It helps in the smooth resolution of queries and enhances the quality of customer service.


Benefits of IVR solution for businesses:

1. The decrease in human error – IVR solution transfers the call to the most appropriate department and customer service executive. It helps in resolving out all the mistakes that could be created by humans.


2. More effective personalization –

IVR solutions help in maintaining a better relationship with the customers. It offers greetings to the customers and assists in identifying and collecting specific data for solving customer queries efficiently.


3. Unlimited customer access –

IVR solution once set up works 24/7 without any hindrance. You can also set up pre-recorded messages for your customers if they call on holidays or outside office hours.


4. Reduced cost –

IVR solution creates a systemized way to handle large call volumes and helps in offering a quick resolution to customer queries. It helps in saving the operational cost of the business.


5. Increase productivity –

Effective call routing increases the growth of the company. You can also program an automatic rerouting to enable a call to reach the agent you have dealt with the same customer before. It assists in managing a higher volume of calls.



IVR solution for businesses is one of the best solutions for all telecommunication services. If you are searching for an optimized IVR solution service for your business, feel free to contact us at Ecosmob Technologies private limited.


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