Asterisk Informative IVR Solution Opens Up Exciting Possibilities For Business

Asterisk Informative IVR Solution Opens Up Exciting Possibilities For Business

Simple interactive voice response are in wide use but are mostly specific or vague but there is a new kid on the block that redefines the way IVRs work in business environments.

IVR need not be specific and restricted to the question-answer type response based system that is so much in use. It can be taken a step further to act as a source of information for a caller. A business can define its various products and service areas and feed this into the IVR in the form of voice database. Callers can then press various numbers to access specific and detailed information. This is how information provider IVR works. Asterisk informative IVR includes all such features and it is tailored to suit business verticals. Banking industry can define its various products and make an audio recording of such products and services. Callers may be directed to press keys depending on the type of service or product they are looking for. It is just as good, if not better, than wikis with none of the bother of having to open a browser and read the wiki. Informative IVRS are also dubbed as wiki-IVRs in industry parlance.

Various business verticals like telecom, insurance, banking, finance, travel, tour operation and hospitality have their segment specific information that they would like to share with public and possible lead to conversion of callers into customers. Providing information that a caller needs aids in branding and if a casual caller gets a positive response from the IVR, he could possibly convert into a customer. Asterisk IVR solution is tailored to include CRM integration too in order to serve existing customers while roping in fresh ones. Users can include databases and configure the informative IVR with custom prompts besides scripting configuration for extreme customization and ease of use. One need not have some read out written text to include in the Informative IVR database; it has an inbuilt text-to-speech feature. There are the usual features such as call recording, voice recognition, Fax and SMS integration as well as custom reports.

One of the greatest benefits of deploying an informative IVR in any enterprise is that information is now available to members of the public through a different channel—the phone line instead of the web. Most people use a mobile and dialing a number is easy. Enterprises need not deploy personnel to man such numbers but can transform it into an interactive informative voice system. This results in cost saving. Another benefit that enterprises enjoy with wiki IVRs is that information is now available 24×7 for callers located in any time zone anywhere in the world. While they provide a much needed service, informative IVRs also act as data gathering tools helping enterprises gather vital customer behavior and other statistics. It is so easy to implement that even small enterprises can reap rich rewards by the simple act of installing an informative IVR.

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