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Asterisk Appointment Reminder Solution for Hospitals

Hospitals are busy institutions with dozens of departments and hundreds of patients lining up for treatment. If service to patients is of prime importance, so is the need for revenues and proper time utilization of doctors and attendant staff. This is where an automated AI powered reminder solution can work wonders for hospitals.

Patient reminders
The simplest solution is to broadcast reminders to all patients using text, email, fax or voicemail message. If social channel is part of the appointment reminder solution then this too could be utilized. Calendars are integrated into the solution and it fetches data to send out reminders according to schedules. Broadcasting is time saving but it may still not elicit confirmations. In this case a personalized approach could result in more patients adhering to the appointment date and time or rescheduling. A text message may contain a prompt. An IVR in the appointment solution could prompt the patient through a voice prompt to press a certain key. At the same time the patient could receive a reminder by email. The system may be configured to send out a voice call to remind patients and obtain confirmation. Implement the system and you save manpower costs and you have higher patient arrival rates. Revenues go up. Use of a personalized reminder messaging system for patients also conveys a better impression and generates loyalty.

Doctors too benefit
Doctors in large hospitals are overburdened and it may not be possible for them to keep track of each individual patient and his appointment. The system can be tailored to remind doctors of patients who are on schedule and also give information about their medical records, helping him be better prepared to tackle each case. He also gets to know which patients are not attending and he can take in others in the queue and make good use of his time. Doctors may be alerted with a text message or a voice message. He may even choose to call patients to know why they are missing the appointment or fix another appointment for them.

AI sophistication
The simplest reminder systems have normal features. More advanced solutions for reminders include a degree of artificial intelligence. For instance, a virtual assistant can be part of the solution. The personal assistant sends out a reminder and obtains a confirmation or schedules another one making use of text chat or voice.

Hospital administrators looking for the best appointment reminder solution can hire Asterisk appointment reminder development team to take it to the next level by incorporating chat bots and social media channels as well as analytics and reporting features. Automated solutions with a measure of intelligence not only satisfy patients but also streamline work at the backend for doctors and other staff members.

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