Appointment Reminder System for Hospitals For Better Patient Care and Satisfaction

Appointment Reminder System for Hospitals For Better Patient Care and Satisfaction

Hospitals deal with a large number of patients and some or most of them require regular follow up visits and treatments to sustain good health or prevent complications. It is not practical to have a human agent carry out the task of sending out reminders. This is where an automated hospital appointment reminder system proves to be very useful in increasing patient attendance at appointments.

A standard appointment reminder solution will usually integrate with calendar, outlook, phonebook and mail client so that the hospital can send out a reminder for the appointment through any or all of these channels, even using voice, SMS and Fax for the purpose. A low cost solution is to broadcast a generalized and impersonal reminder through SMS, voice or email. It gets better when there is a degree of customization involved in the appointment reminder solution. The next level would include patient’s name, nature of his illness and details of his appointment with a doctor. Patients appreciate being addressed personally. However, research and studies show that a one way reminder is less effective. A more efficient and responsive way to implement hospital reminders for appointment is to include response options.

These response options could include asking for a confirmation if the patient is going to attend the appointment on the fixed date and time. If not, he has options to reschedule the option by key press, if he is receiving the reminder through phone, or even cancel the appointment by pressing another key. Asterisk appointment reminder solution development incorporates the standard features as well as facility for two way conversations that enhances the whole reminder experience for the patient and keeps him motivated to be sure to keep the appointment. The personalized touch in an interactive appointment reminder solution for hospitals endears it to its patients and helps to build a professional yet caring brand image. If an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled by the patients, the hospital knows how to allocate time and resources and doctors or caregivers are not kept waiting.

Reminders, even at the basic level, improve a hospital’s patient attendance and help doctors to manage their time and resources in a better way besides giving patients timely as well as regular treatment in their benefit. Making the solution interactive improves it even more. Hospitals also get to know why patients cannot keep appointments or ask for a rescheduling and this helps to fine tune services. Advanced reminders not only include options for rescheduling, cancellation or confirmation but they can also be a channel to inform patients why keeping the appointment is so necessary. Asterisk Service understands how hospitals operate and how minds of patients work and tailors its reminder systems for hospitals for the best outcomes for all concerned.

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