Appointment Reminder System: Cost Savior for Medical Practitioners

Appointment Reminder System: Cost Savior for Medical Practitioners

Appointment Reminder System

Whether it is a small clinic or a multi specialty hospital, the doctors deal with different patients. As per the norms, patients take an appointment to meet the doctor. This time slot is assigned to a specific patient. The problem gets created when the patient doesn’t appear for the scheduled appointment. When patient doesn’t show up for scheduled appointment, it can result in  waste of important medical resources. The reason is, if doctor already knows about the no show up by the patient then he could allocate that time to some other patient. In a majority of cases, it happens that the patient forgets about the appointment. As it’s a known fact, the hospitals have started the practice of sending the appointment reminders to the patients to decrease the no show ratio. However, the manual ways of appointment reminder system is not only daunting, but also cost more expenses. Here, the best solution is “Automated Appointment Reminder System”.

An Automated Appointment Reminder solution will send a reminder message to the patient automatically. The reminder message can be sent as a voice call, Text message, email or a fax. Even multiple modes of communication can also be used for sending a reminder. The system will collect the feedback from the patient and will get back with the reports. The patient can be furnished with options for giving confirmation of the appointment, or cancel the appointment or request to reschedule the appointment. The report generated by the appointment reminder system can be used to utilize the free slots by assigning it to any other patient. This will make sure that the time and resources are utilized at its best. The appointment reminder system has reduced the no show ratio of patients up to 40-65%. As the time availability of a doctor will be utilized well the revenue of the hospital can be increased. To  understand in detail consider a use case in which a doctor is charging 100 $ for an appointment and used to have 10 appointments in a day. If on average 3 appointments get canceled as the patient didn’t appear than it would cost loss of 300 $ every day. But, if we can reduce this no show up average count to 1 from 3 then it’s clear profit and best utilization of the time.
There are a few hospitals who still use manual resources to give reminder to the patients. These manual resources may take more time in calling up each patient and discuss about their appointment to take confirmation. This might take on average 5-10 minutes for one call. What if the patient has some query and call get extended? This would further slow down the process. While we consider the case of an appointment reminder system, tens to hundreds of reminder calls/messages can be sent at a time to patients. To be specific, it would take an average 10-15 minutes to upload the contacts to whom reminder needs to be sent and verify it. That’s it! The rest of the things will be taken care by the system itself. We may expect within an hour, you will get a detailed report from patients. In a nutshell, a task which would take a whole day could be done just within an hour or two. That also with more accuracy. Now, you may utilize your manual resources in some more productive way! This will further save time and money for a medical practitioner.
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