Asterisk Payment IVR Solution Improves Collections

Asterisk Payment IVR Solution

Larger enterprises and service organizations that serve hundreds of thousands of individuals find that timely collection of payment is a challenge. The situation can be resolved in a single stroke by the implementation of asterisk payment IVR solution. It automates payment collection and speeds up the process too. Automated reminders Tying the payment IVR into […]

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Asterisk SBC Solution For Existing Third Party SBC Problems, Configurations and Installation

Asterisk Session Border Controller

VoIP plays a crucial role in enterprise communication and keeping the network is of utmost priority. Session border controllers play a vital role in assuring security as well as facilitating the transcoding of media streams. Businesses today realize the importance of SBCs and usually go for software-based SBC solutions usually open-source like Freeswitch, SER, Asterisk, […]

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Different Ways to Use Asterisk Voice Broadcasting Solution

Voice Broadcasting Solution

Like any other tool, the voice and SMS broadcasting solution is a tool. How you use it can determine the results you get from it and your ROIs. Here are different ways to use voice broadcasts and SMS broadcasts to better effect without falling under the spammer category. Promote business – These days businesses are […]

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Get IVR System for the Hospitality Industry – Deliver Customer Delight Each Step of the Way

Asterisk IVR Solution

Hospitality is a confluence of various services covering travel, accommodation, catering, tourism and it may even include entertainment. Even within each, there are several sub-categories. For instance, travel covers surface transport, air, and sea. Accommodation includes everything from bed and breakfast to five-star stays. Just as there are service lines there are modes of service […]

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Asterisk Session Border Controller Solution Now Smarter and More Capable

Session Border Controller

Session border controllers are evolving to keep pace with changing trends in security attacks and more widespread use of a variety of media codecs and protocols over IP networks. This means your old hardware SBC may not be up to the task considering today’s requirements. The trend is towards the use of open-source session border […]

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Custom Asterisk Development Services For Vastly Superior Communication Platform

Asterisk is a versatile open-source platform for communication technologies with excellent support for PRI and VoIP protocols. You have conferencing solutions, broadcasting solutions for voice and text, IVRs, VoIP gateways, and IP PBX, to name a few. Enterprises and VoIP service providers have the option of standard packages that they can string together or they […]

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Best Hotel IVR Solution in Canada | Asteriskservice

Hotel IVR Solution

The hotel and hospitality sector in Canada is growing with 75% of visitors primarily from the US. People visit Canada for tourism and for business. The industry generates over $ 40 billion and employs 305000 people across 8253 establishments. Hotels in Canada need to stay on top and offer the best possible service with excellent […]

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Session Border Controller for Telecom Operators Goes Beyond Simple Security

The inadequacy of firewalls in VoIP networks to provide adequate protection to VoIP traffic led to the rise of session border controllers, some of them hardware-based and some software-based with the latter proving more versatile. Session border controller software can adapt to change. There is the change in SIP technologies and in the way people […]

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Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

With technological inventions, the Telecom service providers have started adopting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) related tools and solutions to offer local and international telecommunication services. However, just like any other network VoIP network is also not 100% safe, the Telecom service provider must get some mechanism in place to secure their Telecom network. This […]

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