Custom Asterisk Development Services For Vastly Superior Communication Platform


Asterisk is a versatile open-source platform for communication technologies with excellent support for PRI and VoIP protocols. You have conferencing solutions, broadcasting solutions for voice and text, IVRs, VoIP gateways, and IP PBX, to name a few. Enterprises and VoIP service providers have the option of standard packages that they can string together or they […]

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Best Hotel IVR Solution in Canada | Asteriskservice

Hotel IVR Solution

The hotel and hospitality sector in Canada is growing with 75% of visitors primarily from the US. People visit Canada for tourism and for business. The industry generates over $ 40 billion and employs 305000 people across 8253 establishments. Hotels in Canada need to stay on top and offer the best possible service with excellent […]

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Session Border Controller for Telecom Operators Goes Beyond Simple Security


The inadequacy of firewalls in VoIP networks to provide adequate protection to VoIP traffic led to the rise of session border controllers, some of them hardware-based and some software-based with the latter proving more versatile. Session border controller software can adapt to change. There is the change in SIP technologies and in the way people […]

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Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

2019-08-06 (2)

With technological inventions, the Telecom service providers have started adopting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) related tools and solutions to offer local and international telecommunication services. However, just like any other network VoIP network is also not 100% safe, the Telecom service provider must get some mechanism in place to secure their Telecom network. This […]

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How IVR Payment Solution Changes the Scenario of Making Payment


Utilities, telecom companies, and financial institutions are just a few examples of businesses with large customer bases where timely payments are of crucial importance for healthy cash flow. Payments of bills or loan installments or outstandings can improve a lot with the simple inclusion of a real-time pay now IVR payment solution. Consider the normal […]

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Advantage of IVR Solution for Insurance Companies

Asterisk Informative IVR Solution

Insurance companies can leverage the power of IVR to deliver better customer experience and, at the same time, utilize human resources for productive purposes. The benefits do depend on the Insurance IVR solution an insurance company puts in place with the help of an IVR solution provider. Routine information Employees in insurance companies may be […]

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Call Center Software for Healthcare Industry – Keeping in Step with Changing Times

Contact Center Solution

Times have changed and healthcare industries face pressure of delivering exemplary services to growing number of patients. Communication is one of the backbones of healthcare services, especially in large multi-department hospitals with high number of patient footfalls each day. In such scenarios the common PBX is just inadequate. The better option is call center software […]

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SBC Solution Development for VOIP Service Provider


VoIP Service providers offer cost effective and feature rich virtual PBX services to clients. Efficacy and ease of use depend on how well the solution is implemented because VoIP is not without issues. The internet, while being versatile and cost effective, is vulnerable and services must be delivered with a high level of security. This […]

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Asterisk WebRTC Development Confluences Two Parallel Communication Lines Into a Powerfully Unified Solution

Asterisk WebRTC

Communications is the key to business success and it is not surprising that enterprises have switched over to VoIP given its efficiency and cost benefits. The open source platform Asterisk lends itself admirably to development of IP PBX and conferencing software solutions in additions to VoIP gateways for enterprises. It is also the platform for […]

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